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The Olympic Class Finn building is the original activity of the Pata Marine. Pata started to learn boatbuilding and producing Finn dinghies in his youth nearly thirty years ago. He is one of the best Finn builder of the world. See the product and the results of the sailors using Pata Finn or Pata Carbon Mast! 


The composite ship building started in France at H2X boatyard when Pata and Pata workers was invited there to produce the composite hull of André Malraux a 34 metre long sea research vessel. The ship was launched in 2011 and now is a  proudness of the French marine.


The first Pata Finns were built in the middle of the eighties. The continous development resulted the great quality Pata Finns of today. The company has no such financial power or background as some of the rivals. This way just a few big names are sailing with Pata. Or with a Pata boat, or a Pata Carbon Mast. Or both...


In 2009 Pata and his Team was called by the H2X Boatyard in France to produce the composite hull of the 34 m long André Malraux oceanographic research vessel. After the success of this first product Pata remained in contact with H2X and has already contributed to the building of many other ships from Workboats to the renewal of "L'Hydroptére" hydrofoil catamaran.

Pata has studied ​ boatbuilding in Switzerland. As he started his own activity in a very small Workshop and had to grow on his own power added the difficult economic situation of Hungary in the eighties and ninetees he has learned to find the good and effective solutions in limited resources. The result is a special trouble shooter capability coupled with the Finn competititor's spirit, professional calling and need for quality.


"I'am a keen Finn sailor since my youth. A few years ago I've ordered a Pata Finn. I am very content of my boat. I am the head of H2X Boatyard and when we needed a good composite expert and a skillfull  team to produce a special ship Pata came across my mind as a solution. It proved to be a great idea. The Pata Team already helps us fruitfully since four years. "

Sebastian Grall - CEO of the H2X Boatyard

"I am sailing with Pata Finn more then fifteen years. I won several races, Masters World Championships with Pata Boat and Pata Mast. I became a dealer of the Pata products in Germany and I've never regret my decision as it is easy to work with Pata Marine. "

André Budzien - Three times Masters World Champion of the Finn Class -

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